10 Decorating Tips and Interior Design Inspiration

  • Aug 17, 2018

1.    Fake Height

Creating strong verticals in the room create the illusion of taller ceilings. The perfect way of doing this is through a tall mirror. Mirrors will provide scale for the room.

2.   Add Texture

Adding different textures gives contrast to your room. Take a neutral room! It has the dramatic touch of being monochromatic, but adding elements like silk, weave linen, distressed velvet- this is what makes it pop. In addition, the contrast of having a matte sheen that helps pull in the light and silk sheens that reflect it. Game Changer!

3.   Don’t Skimp on the Sofa

Invest in a comfortable, well-made sofa that you’ll have forever! The perfect thing about a sofa is that you can transition you look and the design of the room just by adding pillows. If you love a designer fabric but deny yourself of getting it due to cost- just put it on something small in the room.

4.   Mix It Up with Tableware

Leave the matching and do something fun! Be creative and let all those colors and textures come to life. I always like giving my tableware a theme that I can change in and out with the season.

5.   Mix Metallics

Metallic finishes give you some sparkle to the room and make an even bigger impact in the color of the room. Mixing gold and silver is my personal favorite. This can easily be done through a lamp, mirror, paint strokes in a piece of art, or maybe just an accent piece of décor.

6.   Add Big Statement Furniture Pieces

One of the most common mistakes homeowners make-way too many small pieces of furniture in one room. Try for a room that is well mixed and gives you the illusion that your space is larger than your actual square footage.

7.   Add Flowers to Every Room

Think of all the inspiration photos you have gathered for your home. One common theme in all of theme will be plants or flowers. This idea seems simple, but it can really transform your space into something that feel fresh and beautiful. Don’t like floral arrangements or plants? Then go with feathers or bamboo sticks out of a beautiful pot or urn.

8.   Use Trays, Decorative Bowls and Baskets

Use these elements to showcase a certain coffee table or ottoman. Maybe you put a basket in the corner with a fur blanket hanging off the side. For a glitzy feel in a room, go with a shiny gold or silver option and put a book and a candle on the tray. Baskets are a great alternative to showcase a more rustic vibe.

9.   Use Three Colors or Shades

Now that you have your style down, choose the perfect color scheme. Rule of thumb in each room is to use three colors or shades that would all be complimentary of one another. Colors can be the toughest part of designing your room. They can be so personal and really set the tone for your atmosphere. Keep in mind, your color will delegate the mood when you walk into that space. Bright and vibrant will be a stronger more aggressive approach where as being neutral or using lighter shades will give you a calmer relaxed feeling.

10.  Find Your Little Black Dress

The first thing that comes to mind when I think of a little black dress- Statement piece. Just like fashion, find your statement piece in the room and then accessorize. This will give you your base where you can transform your space. Don’t think this has to be the largest item in the room. It could be something as simple as the one accent of color.

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